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N V Jokes English – Distinguish Between Panties

Distinguish Between Panties & Penis
Panties Touches The Vagina By Sliding Up Vertically
Penis Touches The Vagina By Penetrating Horizontally
Panties Provides Protection To Vagina From Outside
Penis Provides Pleasure To Vagina From Inside
Panties Has To Get Out When Penis Comes Near Vagina
Panties Comes Back Only When Penis Gets Out
Panties Helps In Keeping The Vagina Dry & Clean From Outside
Penis Helps In Making The Vagina Wet & Dirty From Inside
Seeing Panties; Penis Is Pleased And Gets Erection
Seeing Penis; Panties Gets Frightened And Runs Away
Panties Adds Beauty & Safety To Vagina
Penis Adds Friction & Heat To Vagina
Panties Is Available In Attractive Colours
Penis Is Available In Attractive Sizes

Updated: May 17, 2016 — 5:23 pm

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