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Hindi Ke Gande Chutkule – One Day A Guy Was

One Day A Guy Was Texting With His Girlfriend.
Boyfriend: “Hey Baby, What’S Up?”
Girlfriend: “Nothing Much, Just Washing My Boobs.”
Boyfriend: “What!?”
Girlfriend: “Yeah. They Have Become Very Dirty. People Are All Over Them Most Of The Time.”
Boyfriend: “What The Hell?”
Girlfriend: “Yes Baby. I Am Very Angry, As People Just Want To Press Them.”
Boyfriend: “What The Fuck Are You Saying?”
Girlfriend: “Yes Honey, It’S True, & You Know Especially In Metro Older People, Young Guys & Even Kids. They Come And Press Them. What Can I Do Other Than Just Smile. I Don’T Know If They Are Fascinated By Them Or What.”
The Boyfriend Is Speechless.
Boyfriend: “Are You Out Of Your Mind? They Just Press Your …..?”
Girlfriend: “Why? Ohhhh, Sorry Baby! I Meant Boots! Damn This Auto Correct.”

Updated: May 19, 2016 — 10:53 am
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