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Majedar Chutkule – A Pilot Got On The Loudspeaker

A Pilot Got On The Loudspeaker Shortly After Takeoff And Said To The Passengers, “Folks, Welcome Aboard Flight Seven Eighty-Nine To Cleveland. We’Ll Be Flying At Thirty-Five-Thousand Feet, And Expect To Land In An Hour And A Half. Just Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy The Flight.” Forgetting To Turn Off The Microphone, He Turned To His Copilot, Yawned, And Said, “Why Don’T You Take Over For A While? I’M Going To Take Me A Big Healthy Shit, And Then I’M Gonna Fuck The Brains Outta That Pretty Blonde Flight Attendant Working In Coach.” His Announcement Went Over The Whole Plane. The Pretty Blonde Flight Attendant In Coach Heard This And Exclaimed, “Oh My God!” And Started Running Towards The Cockpit. An Old Lady Sitting In An Aisle Seat Stopped Her And Said, “Relax Honey, He’S Gotta Take A Shit First.”

Updated: July 25, 2016 — 9:00 pm
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