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Full Mast Gande Cutkule – The Boss Calls His Secretary &

The Boss Calls His Secretary & Says: “Get Ready For D Weekend, We R Going On A Business Trip.”
The Secretary Calls Husband & Says: “Me & My Boss R Going On A Business Trip For 2 Days So Take Care Of Yourself”
The Husband Calls His Mistress & Says: “My Wife Is Going On A Business Trip Come Home We Can Have Fun”
The Mistress Calls The Boy To Whom She Gives Tuition: “No Tuition This Weekend.”
The Boy Calls His Grand Father: “Grandpa At Last We Can Spend This Weekend Together.”
Grandpa (The Boss) Calls His Secretary & Says: “Business Trip Is Canceled. I’M Going To Spend Weekend With My Grandson”
The Secretary Calls Husband: “I Won’T Be Going”
The Husband Calls His Mistress: “I Am Sorry My Wife Is Not Going ”
The Mistress Calls Boy: “You Have Tuition”
Boy Calls His Grandpa & Says: “Sorry Grandpa I’Ve Classes”
The Grandpa Calls Secretary & ……..

Updated: July 27, 2016 — 9:05 pm
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