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Garam Chutkule English Languages – The Lady Teacher Asks The Students

The Lady Teacher Asks The Students What Kind Of Medicines They Know And What They Are Used For.
The First Student Said: “Tylenol.”
Teacher: “Very Good! And What Is It Used For?”
First Student: “It Is Used For Headache.”
The Second Student Said: “Nytol”
Teacher: “Excellent, And What It Is Used For?”
Student: “To Help You Sleep.”
Now It Is Little Johnny’S Turn And He Said: “Viagra”.
Teacher Shocked But Asked: “What Is It Used For?”
Johnny: “I Think It Can Be Used For Diarrhea.”
Teacher: “Whattt, Who Told You This?”
Johnny: “Nobody, But Every Night My Mother Tells My Father, Take A Viagra, Maybe That Little Shit Will Get Harder.“

Updated: July 27, 2016 — 9:06 pm
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