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Non Veg Adult English Jokes – A Man Gets His Fiance, Wendy’S

A Man Gets His Fiance, Wendy’S Name Tattooed On His Penis.
So When He’S Hard It Says “Wendy,” But When It’S Soft It Just Says, “W Y.”
So They Get Married And Go To Jamaica On Their Honeymoon.
They’Re Dancing In The Club And Drinking And Having A Good Time When Inevitably The Man Has To Go To The Bathroom.
He’S Standing At The Urinal And Notices A Big Tall Jamaican Guy Next To Him Has”W Y” Tattooed On His Penis.
The Man Asked: “Excuse Me, But I Noticed You Have”W Y” On Your Penis.”
The Jamaican Replies, “Ya Man, I See You Have It Too, What Does Yours Say When It’S Hard?”
The Man Says Proudly: “When Mine’S Hard, It Says “Wendy, What Does Yours Say?”
The Jamaican Says: “Ah Great Man, When Mine Is Hard It Says “Welcome To The Island Of Jamaica, Have A Nice Day!“

Updated: July 27, 2016 — 9:08 pm
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