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Jokes In Hindi Language – After A Quarrel,

After A Quarrel, A Wife Said To Her Husband, ‘You Know, I Was A Fool When I Married You.’ The Husband Replied, ‘Yes, Dear, But I Was In Love And Didn’T Notice.’

A Man Inserted An ‘Ad’ In The Classifieds: ‘Wife Wanted’ . Next Day He Received A Hundred Letters. They All Said The Same Thing: ‘You Can Have Mine.’

Marriage Is The Triumph Of Imagination Over Intelligence. Second Marriage Is The Triumph Of Hope Over Experience.

I Haven’T Spoken To My Wife In 18 Months – I Don’T Like To Interrupt Her.
Just Think, If It Weren’T For Marriage, Men Would Go Through Life Thinking They Had No Faults At All.
My Girlfriend Told Me I Should Be More Affectionate. So I Got Two Girlfriends.
A Husband Said To His Wife, ‘No, I Don’T Hate Your Relatives. In Fact, I Like Your Mother-In-Law Better Than I Like Mine.’

Updated: August 27, 2016 — 5:26 pm
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