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Ek Dam Gande Joke – A White Guy In A Bathroom

A White Guy In A Bathroom Is Taking A Piss. In Comes A Black Guy And Pulls Out A Huge Ass Dick. The White Guy Asks, “How Did You Manage That?” The Black Bro Replies, “Every Night, I Tie A Rope At The Bell Shaped Head And Leave It For 5 Minutes, Really Tight” After 1 Month They Meet Again… “So… How’S It Coming?”, Asks The Black Guy. “Almost There! Look It’S Nearly All Black!”

Funny Gande Sms 2016 – On A Senior Citizen Bus Tour,

On A Senior Citizen Bus Tour, The Driver Was Surprised. While The Passengers Were Unloading, To Do Some Sightseeing, One Elderly Lady Stopped And Whispered In His Ear, “Driver, I Believe That I Was Sexually Harassed!” The Driver Didn’T Think Much Of This Complaint, But Promised He Would Check Into It Soon. Later, That Very Same Day, As The Passengers Were Unloading Again, A Second Little Old Lady Bent Down And Whispered In His Ear, “Sir, I Believe I Was Sexually Harassed!” This Time, He Knew It Had To Be Taken Care Of Soon. A Few Passengers Had Remained On The Bus, And He Decided To Go Back And Question Them, To See If They Had Any Knowledge Of What Was Going On. He Found One Little Old Man Crawling Along The Bus Floor Underneath The Seats And Stooped Down To Question Him. “Excuse Me, Sir, Could I Help You?” The Elderly Man Looked Up And Said, “Well, Sonny, You Sure Can. I’Ve Lost My Toupee And I’M Trying To Find It. I Thought I’D Located It Twice, But They Were Parted In The Middle, And Mine’S Parted On The Side!”

Non Veg Jokes English Main – Boy And Girl Talking Boy: “Give Me

Boy And Girl Talking
Boy: “Give Me A Blow Job.”
Girl: “Can You Be More Romantic?”
Boy: “Fine, Give Me A Blow Job In The Rain.“

English Non Veg Jokes Ekdum Fhadu – “What Can I Get You?” The

“What Can I Get You?” The Bartender Inquires. “I Want Six Shots Of Jagermesier,” Responds The Man. “Six Shots! Are You Celebrating Something?” The Bartender Asks. “Yeah, My First Blow Job,” The Man Says. “Well, In That Case, Let Me Give You A Seventh On The House,” The Bartender Says. “No Offense, Sir. But If Six Shots Won’T Get Rid Of The Taste, Nothing Will,” Answers The Man.

Non Veg Jokes For Adult In English – A Priest Was Walking In A

A Priest Was Walking In A Garden. A Little Came Up To Him And Asked.
Little Girl: “Why Do You Wear Your Collar Backwards?”
Priest: “I’M A Father!”
Little Girl: “My Father Doesn’T Wear His Collar Like That.”
Priest: “I’M A Father Of Many.”
Little Girl: “My Father Has 4 Boys & 4 Girls, But Yet He Doesn’T Wear His Collar Backwards, Then Why Do You?”
The Priest Started Getting Impatient & Answered Angrily.
Priest: “I’M A Father Of Hundreds Of Boys & Girls. That’S Why.”
Little Girl: “Maybe You Should Use A Condom & Wear Your Pants Backwards Instead Of Your Collar. You Horny Bastard!”
The Priest Fainted!

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