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Bahut Gande Chutkule – Women’S Response To….. 2 Inches – I

Women’S Response To…..
2 Inches – I Can’T Even Hold It, Properly.
3 Inches – Never Been So Unsatisfied, In My Whole Life.
4 Inches- I’Ve Had Bigger Than It .
5 Inches- Good, But Not Enough!
6 Inches- Almost All Right.
7 Inches- Can’T Complain, Now.
8 Inches – Perfect!
9 Inches – A Bit Longer But Manageable.
10 Inches- Means Pressure On Stomach And Intestine.
This Survey Was To Understand Customer’S Feedback On Different Sizes Of Subway Sandwiches And Not What You Were Thinking!

Sex Dirty Jokes English – 3 Women In Gym A Man Runs

3 Women In Gym
A Man Runs Naked Covering His Face, Looking Between His Legs
I Women: He Is Not My Husband
Ii Woman: He Is Definitely Not Ur Husband
Iii Woman: He Is Not Even A Member Of The Gym!

Gande Adult Jokes – There Are Three Cops That Go

There Are Three Cops That Go To The Same Bar After Work Every Night. Two Of The Cops Are Veterans And One Is A Rookie. One Night The Rookie And One Of The Veterans Are Sitting Around And The Third One Comes Into The Bar With The Biggest Shit-Eating Grin On His Face. The Other Two Cops Ask Him, “Why Are You So Happy?” He Tells Them, “Well Last Night I Had The Best Sex In My Life With My Wife. I Had My Pistol Cocked And Loaded Under The Pillow. When I Was About To Come, I Fired A Shot Into The Air. Her Pussy Got Really Tight And We Both Came At The Same Time.” The Next Night, The Other Veteran Comes Into The Bar With A Shit-Eating Grin On His Face And Tells The Other Veteran, “Thanks For The Advice. Last Night I Had The Most Incredible Sex With My Wife. I Was Doing Her Doggy Style And When I Was About To Come, I Fired My Pistol. We Both Had A Spontaneous Orgasm. It Was Great.” The Next Night, The Two Veterans See The Rookie Come Into The Bar, Pissed As Hell, Kicking Chairs As He Makes His Way Over To Them. The Rookie Says, “Well I Took Your Advice! My Wife And I Were Doing Sixty-Nine And I Fired My Gun! The Bitch Almost Bit Off My Dick And She Shit In My Face!

English Joke Funny Dirty – A Bus Stops In An American

A Bus Stops In An American City And Two Italian Male Tourists Get On. They Sit Down And Engage In An Animated Conversation. The Lady Sitting Behind Them Ignores Them At First, But Her Attention Is Galvanized When She Hears One Of The Men Say The Following: “Emma Come First. Den I Come. Den Two Asses Come Together, I Come Once-A-More. Two Asses, They Come Togetheragain. I Come Again And Pee Twice. Then I Come One Lasta Time.” The Lady Sitting Behind Them Retorted Indignantly, “You Foul Mouthed Swine, In This Country We Don’T Talk About Our Sex Lives In Public!” One Of The Italians Said, “Hey, Coola Down Lady, Who Talkin’ Abouta Sexa? I’M A Just A Tellin’ My Frienda How To Spella ‘Mississippi’.”

Majedar Chutkule – My Doctor Told Me I Had

My Doctor Told Me I Had To Wear A 24Hr Blood Pressure Monitor And Every Time I Felt The Arm Band Inflate I Had To Write Down What I Was Doing At The Time The List Went As Follows:
Getting A Blow Job,
Putting A Bet On,
Watching Porn.
He Looked At My List And Said
“Fuck Your Blood Pressure, What Are You Doing Tonight? I’M Coming With You.“

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