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English Dirty Sex Jokes – A City Boy Was Visiting The

A City Boy Was Visiting The Country And Wanted To Go Hunting. The Farmer Lent The Boy His Gun, Telling Him Not To Kill Any Farm Animals. The City Boy Headed Off And Soon After Saw A Goat. Hemanaged To Creep Into Range And Finally Shot It. Not Knowinganything About Animals, The Boy Didn’T Know What He’D Killedso He Ran To The Farmhouse And Described His Kill To The Farmer. “It Had Two Saggy Tits, A Beard, A Hard Head And It Stinks!” Said The Boy. “Oh, My!” Said The Farmer. “You’Ve Shot The Wife!”

Gande English Chutkule – A Guy Walking Down The Street

A Guy Walking Down The Street Suddenly He Sees A Woman With Big & Perfect Breasts. Guy Goes To The Woman.
Guy: “Hey Miss, Would You Let Me Bite Your Breasts For $100 Dollars?”
Woman Replies: “Are You Nuts? After Saying This She Keeps Walking Away.”
Guy Runs To Her & Says Again: “Would You Let Me Bite Your Breasts For $1000 Dollars?”
Woman With Anger: “Listen You, I’M Not That Kind Of Woman! Got It?”
The Guys Still Standing There & Woman Start Walking, She Just Gone Few Yards Away From That Boy.
She Thinks About It For A While And Says: “Hmmm, $1000 Dollars, Eh? Ok, Just Once, But Not Here. Let’S Go To That Dark Alley Over There.”
So They Go Into The Alley, Where She Takes Off Her Blouse & The Boy Starts Kissing, Licking, Puts His Face In Them, Pressing Them Hard For 10 Minutes, But Not Biting Them.
The Woman Finally Gets Annoyed And Asks: “Well? Are You Gonna Bite Them Or Not?”
Guy Replies: “Nahhh….. That Costs Too Much.“

Sexy Chutkule English – Three Women Were Sitting In A

Three Women Were Sitting In A Bar Enjoying A Drink. They Got To Talking And Found Out That All Of Their Husbands Were Named Bubba. The First Woman Says, “We Need To Come Up With Nick Names For Our Husbands So We Know Which Bubba We’Re Talking About. Why Don’T We Name Each Of Them After A Soft Drink?” The Second Woman Says, “I’Ll Call My Bubba, ‘7-Up’ Because He’S Seven Inches Long And Always Up.” The Third Woman Says, “I’Ll Call My Bubba, ‘Mountaindew’ Because He’S Hard Like A Mountain And We Always Do.” The First Woman Says, “I Think I’Ll Call My Bubba, Jack Daniels.” The Third Woman Says, “That’S Not A Soft Drink, That’S A Hard Licker!” The First Woman Replied, “That’S My Bubba!”

Adult Nonveg Sms – One Day, Little Susie Got Her

One Day, Little Susie Got Her Monthly Bleeding For The First Time In Her Life. Not Quite Certain What Was Happening, And Somewhat Frightened, She Decided To Tell Little Johnny. Little Susie Dropped Her Panties And Showed Little Johnny What Was Happening. Little Johnny’S Eyes Opened Wide In Amazement. “You Know,” He Said, “I’M Not A Doctor, But It Looks Like Someone Just Ripped Your Fucking Balls Off!”

Garam Chutkule English Languages – A Drunk Gets Up From The

A Drunk Gets Up From The Bar And Heads For The Bathroom. A Few Minutes Later, A Loud, Blood Curdling Scream Is Heard Coming From The Bathroom. A Few Minutes After That, Another Loud Scream Reverberates Through The Bar. The Bartender Goes Into The Bathroom To Investigatewhat The Drunk Is Screaming About. “What’S All The Screaming About In There? You’Re Scaring My Customers!” “I’M Just Sitting Here On The Toilet And Every Time I Try To Flush, Something Comes Up And Squeezes The Hell Out Of My Balls.” With That, The Bartender Opens The Door, Looks In And Says, “You Idiot! You’Re Sitting On The Mop Bucket!”

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